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A WiFi range extender, also known as a WiFi booster or WiFi repeater, is a device that increases the range of a wireless network. It works by receiving WiFi signals from a router and re-transmitting the data to wireless devices that may have difficulty connecting directly to the router.

WiFi range extenders are often used in larger homes or spaces with reduced coverage areas or “dead spots”. They can be useful for extending the coverage of the main wireless router in the home.

WiFi range extenders come with two adapters:

One plugs into a power socket near the router.

The other plugs into a power socket in the location where you need signal.


You can connect the first adapter to the router using an ethernet cable. You can connect the second adapter to an ethernet device, such as a Smart TV or games console.

To set up a NETGEAR WiFi range extender, you can:

  1. Plug in the extender.
  2. Connect your computer or mobile device to the extender’s WiFi network.
  3. Open a web browser and enter or 192.168.
  4. Click or tap NEW EXTENDER SETUP.
  5. Choose your extender’s admin credentials.

You can also set up a NETGEAR WiFi range extender using the WPS method. After plugging in the extender, find the WPS button and press it. A blinking WPS light on the extender means it’s connecting with your router.


WiFi extenders are a good solution for getting additional wireless coverage in a room that’s outside of your current wireless router range. Once set up, the extender becomes an integral part of your WiFi network, working to amplify and extend the signal.

Netgear WiFi extender login

To log in to your Netgear WiFi extender, you can:

The default username and password are “admin” and “password”. The username and password are case-sensitive.

If you can't access your extender, you can try:

Resetting your browser.

Using a different web browser

How do I access my NETGEAR WiFi extender settings?

To access your NETGEAR WiFi extender settings, you can try the following steps:

What is the admin IP for a NETGEAR WiFi extender?

What is the admin IP for a NETGEAR WiFi extender?

The default IP address for a Netgear WiFi extender is You can use this address to set up your extender.

If you can’t access your extender, you can try resetting your browser and trying again.

Once you’re logged in, you can make changes to the extender, like changing its SSID, password, or channels. However, you should be careful before changing anything because you might need to connect your devices again to the extender.

You can also find the IP address of the extender through your router. To do this, you can:

Netgear Extender Setup Using WPS Method

To set up a Netgear WiFi extender using the WPS method, you can try these steps:

WPS stands for WiFi Protected Setup. This method is the easiest way to set up a Netgear extender. You don’t need to enter any password or access any web browser to install your WiFi extender.

Netgear WPS button not working

If your Netgear router’s WPS button isn’t working, you can try these steps:

The WPS button is located at the back of the router. The WPS LED light should be permanently on. If it’s not, check that the router is plugged in.

Netgear_ext Setup

To set up a Netgear_ext WiFi extender, you can try these steps:

The default username is admin and the default password is password. The username and password are case sensitive.


If your WiFi extender cannot connect to the WiFi router, you need to reset your extender. The reset button is located at the back of your extender. Press it for 10 seconds using a needle.