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Netgear Extender Access Point Setup: An In-Depth Guide

Netgear WiFi range extenders empower users to connect seamlessly throughout their homes, enhancing the wireless coverage of their existing routers. However, many users may not be aware that they have the option to set up their Netgear extender as an access point. This means that when configured in Access Point mode, the Netgear extender broadcasts entirely new, stronger WiFi signals compared to its extender mode. Simply put, undertaking the Netgear extender access point setup allows your WiFi device to establish a hotspot for other devices within the home network.

Curious about how to perform the Netgear extender access point setup? Just follow the steps outlined in this post for a comprehensive guide on installing your Netgear WiFi extender as an access point. But before delving into the setup process, let’s familiarize you with the advantages of configuring the extender in access point mode.

Benefits of Access Point Setup

Configuring your Netgear extender as an access point brings a host of benefits. The new WiFi signals are not only stronger but also provide a more reliable and extended coverage area compared to the extender mode.

How to Do Netgear Extender Access Point Setup?

Wondering how to set up your Netgear extender as an access point? Follow these step-by-step guidelines:

  • Understanding the Access Point Mode:
    • Delve into the features and advantages of configuring your Netgear extender in the Access Point mode.
  • Access Point Mode vs. Extender Mode:
    • Differentiate between the access point mode and extender mode to make an informed choice based on your network needs.
  • Preparing for Setup:
    • Gather essential information about your existing network, including WiFi credentials and router details.
  • Netgear Extender Access Point Setup Steps:
    • Follow the detailed steps to seamlessly configure your Netgear WiFi extender as an access point.
  • Connecting to Existing Network:
    • Learn how to integrate your Netgear extender into your existing network for a unified and powerful WiFi experience.
  • Benefits of Access Point Mode:
    • Explore the enhanced benefits of having your Netgear extender in access point mode.

Key Steps: Setting Up Netgear Extender as an Access Point

  • Ensure your Netgear extender is plugged into a functional wall socket.
  • Secure a finger-tight connection between your Netgear extender and the host router.
  • Verify access to Netgear_ext.
  • Check the Ethernet cable for any cuts when connecting your WiFi devices.
  • Disable antivirus software or firewall applications during the Netgear extender access point setup.
  • Use an updated web browser for installing the Netgear extender as an access point.
  • Avoid typing errors when entering default login credentials, as they are case-sensitive.
  • Refer to the Netgear user manual for default admin details if needed.
  • Don’t use a cached web browser; instead, use the address bar for accessing the Netgear extender login window.

Following these guidelines, you can set up your extender as an access point, applicable to various models like Netgear EX3700.

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Q: How does Access Point mode differ from Extender mode?

A: Access Point mode broadcasts stronger WiFi signals, creating a robust hotspot, while Extender mode extends the range of existing signals.

Q: Can I switch between Access Point and Extender modes?

A: Yes, Netgear extenders allow users to switch between modes based on their network requirements.

Q: What information do I need for the setup?

A: Gather your existing network’s WiFi credentials and router details before starting the configuration.

Q: Will Access Point mode improve my WiFi coverage?

A: Yes, Access Point mode provides stronger and more reliable WiFi coverage compared to Extender mode.

Q: Can I use multiple Netgear extenders in Access Point mode?

A: Yes, you can use multiple extenders in Access Point mode for a comprehensive network coverage.

Q: Are firmware updates necessary for Netgear extenders?

A: Regular firmware updates ensure optimal performance and security for Netgear extenders.


Congratulations! You’ve successfully configured your Netgear extender as an access point, unlocking a superior WiFi experience. Enjoy extended coverage and a powerful hotspot for all your home devices.

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