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Issues with PS5 Internet Connection via WiFi Extender: Resolutions

The Gaming generation, often referred to as Gen Z, is synonymous with the tech-savvy era, especially when it comes to online gaming. This blog specifically targets users who have encountered challenges connecting their PS5 gaming consoles to the WiFi network through extenders, with a focus on those who have undergone Netgear WiFi extender setup. Whether you face PS5 internet connection failures with a Netgear extender or other range extenders, the following points will guide you.

Factors Affecting PS5 Internet Connection

Before delving into solutions, it’s crucial to understand that the distance between the gaming station and the host device can contribute to connectivity issues. Pay attention to the separation between the extender and PS5, aiming for the same room placement while avoiding a zero gap.

Resolving PS5 Internet Connection Failed Issue

Restart the Gaming Console

The universal troubleshooting tip involves restarting the PS5. Unplug the console from the power outlet, allow it 10-15 minutes of rest, and power it up again. Attempt to reconnect to the WiFi extender afterward.

Check Other Devices’ Connectivity

Verify if other devices can connect to the extender’s WiFi network. If successful, the issue may be PS5-specific. Connect additional devices to ensure network stability. If the problem persists, consider restarting the extender.

Solved: PS5 Internet Connection Failed

Wrong WiFi PasswordInput the correct case-sensitive WiFi password from the extender’s BASIC Home screen accessed through the default IP.
Signal InterferenceRemove electromagnetic devices around the extender and ensure no physical impediments exist in the communication path.
Heavy Network TrafficReduce extender network traffic by disconnecting devices and attempting the connection again.

Following these steps – ensuring the correct WiFi password, eliminating signal interference, and reducing network traffic – should resolve the PS5 internet connection issue. If problems persist, consider updating the PS5 firmware.

Updating PS5 Firmware for Improved WiFi Connectivity

Similar to updating the Netgear extender firmware via for optimal performance, upgrading the PS5 firmware is essential. Follow these steps:

  • Save the firmware update file onto a USB drive.
  • Then insert the USB into the PS5 console and press the Power button.
  • Hold the button for 7 seconds to enter SAFE MODE.
  • Connect the console and dual-sensor controller.
  • Press the PS button, select UPDATE SYSTEM SOFTWARE, and choose the USB drive option.
  • Follow prompts to complete the firmware update.

After updating the PS5 firmware, attempt to reconnect to the extender’s WiFi network, considering the previously discussed points.


Following these troubleshooting tips should alleviate the PS5 internet connection failed issue. If challenges persist, performing a PS5 reset, as done with WiFi extenders, may be necessary. Refer to the manual for reset instructions and reconnect to the internet.

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1. Can a simple restart fix PS5 connectivity issues?

Yes, restarting the PS5 console is a fundamental troubleshooting step that often resolves minor connectivity glitches.

2. How do I ensure the accuracy of the WiFi password?

Access the extender’s BASIC Home screen through the default IP to obtain the correct, case-sensitive WiFi password.

3. What if other devices cannot connect to the extender’s WiFi network?

If other devices face connectivity issues, consider restarting the extender and re-establishing the WiFi connection.

4. How do electromagnetic devices affect PS5 connectivity?

Electromagnetic devices near the extender can interfere with the signal path, causing connectivity problems. Remove such devices for improved performance.

5. Is reducing network traffic on the extender effective?

Yes, disconnecting a few devices to reduce network traffic can create room for the PS5 gaming station, enhancing overall network performance.

6. When should I consider resetting the WiFi extender?

If all troubleshooting steps fail, resetting the WiFi extender is a last-resort solution. Refer to the extender’s manual for instructions.

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