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How can I modify the WiFi name of my Netgear Range Extender?

Once you’ve set up your Netgear extender, connecting to its WiFi network is crucial. However, the default network name, or SSID, is often generic and not unique. To establish a distinctive identity and enhance recognition, it’s advisable to change the WiFi name of your Netgear Range extender.

The procedure for changing the WiFi name is uncomplicated, and this guide is designed to assist you throughout. Whether you aim to establish a robust identity or simply stand out, altering the WiFi name of your repeater is a beneficial action. Continue reading for a detailed walkthrough on accomplishing this task. Let’s move forward.

Procedure for Modifying WiFi Network Name

Establish a Connection Between the Repeater and Router

To modify the WiFi name, it’s essential to connect your Netgear range extender  to the main host router. We recommend opting for a wired connection, utilizing an Ethernet cable to link both devices. However, this isn’t the sole method.

Alternatively, wireless connectivity is another viable option. In this mode, ensure that the repeater is in close proximity to the router to ensure a strong signal reception. Once the connection has been successfully established, you can proceed to the next step.

Power On the Device

Let’s power on both the Netgear repeater and the host router. To do this, select a functional wall socket. Ensure that the chosen outlet is free from any signs of damage or short-circuiting. Additionally, make sure the pins of the repeater fit securely into the power socket to avoid any disruptions in the power supply.

Maintaining a stable and consistent power supply is essential, especially if you intend to change the WiFi name of your repeater.

Access a PC

Start by turning on your PC or laptop, depending on your preference, to begin the process of changing the WiFi name. Make sure that your laptop or PC is running the latest software version to accommodate the most recent web browser updates. Having an updated operating system reduces the chances of encountering errors during the procedure.

You can use any operating system that is compatible with your system for this task.

Open a Web Browser

Proceed by opening an internet browser. Verify that the selected browser is not only up-to-date but also compatible and reliable. It should remain stable without crashing during the process. If you happen to use an older web browser, it’s advisable to perform some maintenance.

This entails deleting the browsing history and clearing out cookies and cache memory from the web browser. This ensures a smoother and more efficient process as you continue.

Log in to the Repeater

Retrieve the login credentials for the repeater to access the Netgear extender login. Begin by opening the repeater login page; enter the default URL of your device in the web browser’s URL bar. 

For example, if you are using the Netgear WiFi mesh range extender EX7500, you should be aware of its URL. Alternatively, you can use its default IP address.

Navigate to Settings > Wireless

After successfully logging into your device, proceed to the repeater settings and locate the wireless mode. Within this section, you can change the WiFi name of your repeater. It’s important to ensure that you make this change for both the 2.4 and 5 GHz wireless frequencies.

Failure to modify the WiFi name for one frequency will result in it retaining the default name. Therefore, it’s crucial to meticulously apply the necessary changes for both frequencies.

Click the Save Button

To apply the changes, click the Save button. This action will trigger an automatic disconnection of your devices from the repeater network. You may also be prompted to reboot your device to ensure the changes take effect.

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Q: Is it necessary to change the WiFi name for both frequencies?

A: Yes, modifying the WiFi name for both 2.4 and 5 GHz frequencies ensures a fully customized and secure network.

Q: Will changing the WiFi name disconnect my devices?

A: Yes, saving changes may temporarily disconnect your devices, requiring a reconnection with the updated credentials.

Q: Can I use a wireless connection to set up my Netgear Extender?

A: Yes, wireless connectivity is an option, but ensure a strong signal for a smooth configuration process.

Q: What if I forget to save changes after modifying the WiFi name?

A: The changes won’t take effect unless you click the “Save” button. Always ensure to save your modifications.

Q: Is it necessary to reboot the extender after saving changes?

A: While not always mandatory, a reboot ensures that the changes are implemented effectively.

Q: How does changing the WiFi name enhance security?

A: A unique WiFi name adds an extra layer of security by making it harder for unauthorized users to identify and access your network.


Personalizing the WiFi name of your Netgear Range Extender is a simple yet effective way to enhance network security and create a distinct identity. Follow these steps, and enjoy a more secure and customized wireless experience.

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