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Complete Guide to Customize Netgear Extender WiFi Coverage Area

By default, a Netgear Extender WiFi Coverage Area, leading to increased electrical power consumption. To address this issue, we recommend opting for a smaller coverage area. This adjustment not only helps in managing power usage but also maintains optimal connectivity. If you’re curious about customizing the Netgear extender’s WiFi coverage, the steps outlined in this post will guide you through the process.

It’s important to note that this blog specifically discusses the Netgear EX3700 extender. The great news is that the techniques shared here are applicable to any model you may own.

How to Change Netgear Extender WiFi Coverage Area?

  • Plug your Netgear EX3700 extender into a wall socket.
  • Turn on the power button on your device.
  • Connect your devices using an Ethernet cable.
  • Power up your computer.
  • Open your preferred web browser.
  • Enter mywifiext local in the address field and press Enter.
  • A login window will appear, prompting you for admin details.
  • Enter the password and email address.
  • The Status page will appear shortly.
  • Click the Menu icon when it appears in your browser.
  • Select the Do More option.
  • Choose the WiFi Coverage button.
  • For optimal output power, select a radio button.
  • Click the Apply button.
  • Your settings will be saved promptly.

By following these steps, you can easily customize the WiFi coverage area of your Netgear extender. If you encounter any issues during the process, refer to the following troubleshooting tips.

Unable to Adjust Netgear Extender WiFi Coverage Area?

1. Exchange the Ethernet Cable

Before attempting any other solutions, inspect the Ethernet cable used for connecting your devices. If you discover any signs of wear or cuts, it’s essential to replace it with a new one.

While swapping the cable typically resolves the issue, if it persists, our experts advise connecting your devices wirelessly as an alternative.

2. Ensure Your Devices are in Close Proximity

If you’re encountering challenges in customizing the Netgear extender WiFi coverage area seamlessly, it’s time to minimize the distance between your devices.

You might wonder, “Why is this necessary?If your Netgear EX3700 extender is in a different room than the router, the signals between them may not transmit seamlessly, leading to a disrupted connection.

Now, you understand the significance of placing your devices close to each other.

3. Remove WiFi Interference

In addition to having your Netgear EX3700 extender and router close to each other, it’s crucial to keep them away from electronic devices, transmitting appliances, metal objects, and reflective surfaces.

Curious about what falls under these categories? Here are some examples:

– Cordless phones

– Mirrors

– Fish tanks

– Washing machines

– Televisions

– Aluminum studs

– Bluetooth speakers

Additionally, ensure that both your Netgear EX3700 extender and the host router are positioned away from thick walls.

4. Utilize an Up-to-Date Web Browser

Check the current version of your browser. If it’s not up-to-date, you might have identified the fourth reason behind the current issue.

To troubleshoot, upgrade your web browser to the latest version. Access the Settings menu of your browser, where you’ll find instructions guiding you through the update process.

5. Enter the Correct Administrator Credentials

Finally, ensure you use the accurate username and password to access the Netgear EX3700 setup wizard. Be cautious not to mistakenly enter the password in the username field and vice versa.

After implementing these troubleshooting hacks, verify if you can successfully customize the Netgear extender WiFi coverage area this time.

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Congratulations! You’ve successfully navigated the Complete Guide to Customize Netgear Extender WiFi Coverage Area. With these insights, your Netgear Extender is now a tailored powerhouse, guaranteeing a seamless and robust WiFi connection.

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