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Instructions for Use Netgear WiFi Extender with Verizon Fios Router

To successfully set up the Netgear WiFi extender through, it’s crucial to establish a connection between the range extender and the host router, along with ensuring a reliable power supply. Despite common misconceptions suggesting that the Netgear extender must only be linked to a Netgear router, it’s noteworthy that it can seamlessly Use Netgear WiFi Extender with Verizon Fios Router or any other router you may possess. The key question is, how can this be achieved? The steps outlined in this blog post elucidate the process.

How to Use Netgear WiFi Extender with Verizon Fios Router?

1st Step: Reset the Netgear Extender

Begin the procedure of use Netgear WiFi extender with Verizon Fios router by resetting the wireless range extender to its factory default mode. Follow these instructions:

– Locate the reset button on the device.

– Gently press it using an oil pin or paper clip.

– Hold the button for approximately 5 minutes and then release it.

2nd Step: Plug in the Range Extender

After resetting the networking device, the subsequent step involves providing a proper and uninterrupted power supply. Adhere to the highlighted instructions in this section:

– Plug the extender into a socket in the same room as the router.

– Press the power button.

– Observe the LED light turning green, indicating that the device has powered on.

3rd Step: Join the Networking Devices

This segment addresses the main purpose – how to use Netgear WiFi extender with Verizon Fios router. There are two methods to achieve this: using an Ethernet cable or a wireless source.

– For an Ethernet cable, ensure it is undamaged.

– Ensure a finger-tight connection for wired setups.

– For wireless connections, place the devices in close proximity.

4th Step: Connect to the WiFi Network

Once you have successfully connected the Netgear WiFi extender to the Verizon Fios router, proceed with these steps:

– Find the WiFi name of your extender in the utility.

– Select it and input the password or network key.

– Your client device will soon have internet access.

5th Step: Access the Default IP Address

Switch on your laptop, ensuring it has antivirus software installed. This precaution is vital to prevent potential virus infections. Follow these steps:

– Load a browser, ensuring it is updated and clean.

– In the address bar or URL field, enter the default IP address (

– Alternatively, use the default web address.

6th Step: Log in via Admin Details

Pressing the Enter key takes you to the Netgear Extender Login window with Username and Password fields. Input the login details and press the “Log In” button.

– Ensure correct entry in respective fields.

– Eliminate typing errors.

– Keep the Caps Lock key off during entry.

Is There More?

Upon clicking the Login button, the Netgear Genie smart setup wizard will appear, presenting on-screen prompts. Read and follow through the steps to understand how to utilize the Netgear WiFi extender with a Verizon Fios router.


This concludes the blog post providing guidance on use Netgear WiFi extender with Verizon Fios router. The expectation is that users, after reading the user-friendly instructions above, can successfully carry out the process. If challenges persist, it might be a result of insufficient initial resetting of the networking device. To address this, it is recommended to reset the Netgear wireless range extender and wait for a few minutes for it to return to the default mode. Once restored, attempt to use the wireless extender with the Fios router following the provided instructions.

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Q: Can I use a Netgear WiFi Extender with any router?

A: Yes, Netgear WiFi Extenders are compatible with a variety of routers, including Verizon Fios Routers.

Q: What should I do if I face challenges during the setup process?

A: Refer to the troubleshooting tips provided in the guide. If problems persist, consult Netgear’s online support resources.

Q: Is it necessary to reset the Netgear Extender before setup?

A: Yes, resetting ensures a clean slate for optimal performance during the setup process.

Q: How frequently should I update the firmware of the Netgear Extender?

A: Consistently monitor for firmware updates and apply them as necessary to maintain optimal functionality.

Q: Is it possible to link numerous devices to the extended network?

A: Certainly, the Netgear Extender enables the connection of multiple devices, offering expanded coverage for your WiFi network.

Q: Where can I locate customer testimonials for the Netgear Extender?

A: Customer testimonials are commonly accessible on the official Netgear website or reputable online retailers.

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